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There is an alias dropdown on the "from" line, but it shows several obsolete aliases and does not show the new alias that I tried to add. Where should I look to manage the aliases and what are the rules for creating or deleting an alias? For example, my main address might be "george@somemail.com" I would like to have an alias like "manager@somemail.com" Is that allowed in Office 365 "home" version?
Thanks for your help.

Diane Poremsky

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If the account is an outlook.com account, the aliases will be listed but the alias list is only read when you add the account to outlook. When you add or remove an alias online, the list is not updated - you need to remove the account and add it back to regenerate the list.


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Aloha Diane, hope you and yours stay well.
My Outlook is part of Office 365. Shows: Version 2008 (13217.20164 Click to run)
Do the same rules about aliases apply?
Thank you,
Greg Schultz
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