Managing signatures and disclaimers with digitally signed emails

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We use Exchange 2010 and are trying to find a solution we can use to standardise our company signatures and disclaimers but also digitally sign our emails. Have looked at solutions like Exclaimer but as the certificate is client side it ends up attaching the original mail and this just isn't paractical. Does anyone know if there a better solution where we can digitally sign our emails and also manage the Outlook signatures and disclaimers centrally? Thanks.
While 3rd party apps give you more features, you can do disclaimers server side with 2010 - using a transport rule. Configure a Disclaimer: Exchange 2010 Help - that said, CodeTwo has a decent disclaimer product. I don't know how it handles digital id though. (1) Email signatures, disclaimers and marketing banners for Exchange 2010 email

i have a list of disclaimer utilities at Disclaimer & Signature Tools for Exchange

Thanks for the reply, I had tried using Transport Rules but to be honest I don't like that feature, the 3rd party products seem to give you more features as you say and are generally better at it.

I did do some more digging into my specifc problem with digitally signing emails and disocvered Symprex Signature Manager seems to handle it fine, as it is a client side utility. This doesn't break the digital signature as the other server side solutions do. Just in case it ever helps anyone else.
Yeah, 3rd party tools are (almost) always more robust. Thanks for sharing about Symprex, it's good to know.
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