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Hello all, I need to write some code to automatically send specific files from specific folders to a file. I have reviewed the code for sending all the files as they are received however I can't detect the folder names in that code. Not all the folders need to be written. The idea is we have account managers with many clients, ideally we need to write the mails automatically from specific folders as they are received. All the code I found sets the default directory and writes all the mail, no way to define the folder where the mail was received. Any help would be greatly appreciated. VBA code samples please.
Where will the folder names come from? If there is no easy way to detect the folder path to use from the message, its going to be hard to automate it.

This macro files by sender name, creating the folder if it doesn't exist: http://www.slipstick.com/developer/file-messages-senders-name/ it can easily be tweaked to use domain or email address. I have a newer example here that creates a folder based on this week's date and creates a rule to file mail - but like the first macro, the paths were easy to define.

Thanks for your response, maybe I can be a little clearer with my intentions. I was approached by a user that is having storage issues and want to copy emails to a network share Drive (File, MSG Format). I have been able to copy every email received in the default inbox, but that is not their requirements. Each of my users have many clients and they manage their communications by creating and managing folders for each client. The idea was to define the folder path (can be done but only one path in the "ThisOutlookSession") and every file received write it to a network share for Archiving purposes. I have scoured for days and have not been able to find an automated way of archiving (mail MSG copy to a File) for specific folder anywhere. Maybe I can take another approach, maybe setting flags on mails I have already moved might work. I would not want to duplicate the mails after writing to a file. I would want to flag as I write the files as not to create duplication. Of course all of this needs to be done automatically, I can't rely on the user to execute macros. Any Ideas? Of course the custom macro would have the hard coded paths of the file directories needed to Archive mails, that is expected, but if possible one time set up and the system takes over from there. Using a timer control to run every 60 minutes, maybe. I am using Outlook 2010.
That helps to clarify things. The mailboxes have multiple folders that need to be checked? I don't have any code samples handy, but you could match the folder names - if a message is in MyStuff, a MyStuff folder is created in the share. You can either set a field or category to identify already saved items or include the received time in the file name and skip if the file exists. Another option is watching all incoming and outgoing mail and saving it at that point. It would be easier as you don't have to walk the folders looking for new mail. It doesn't work as well if you use server side rules as the script will miss mail moved on the server.

There are applications available that can do this sort of thing already - and they generally have a good ROI. By the time you figure in the cost of creating a solution, testing it and installing it on multiple computers, the 3rd party solution looks like a bargain (so does increasing the mailbox size :)). If you have many users, you should create an addin and sign it with a digital certificate - installing vba on each work station is time consuming.
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