Replying to an email if received in several inboxes

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I handle several email boxes and sometimes an customer might send an email to more than one of the addresses I work with.
I would like to check the emails "TO" , CC and BCC (if I can) to see if other emails boxes I handle are included.
IF the ARE included, then I want to FIND those messages, and then offer me the option to mark those messages in the other folders as READ and then set the CATEGORY to BRUCE (this is a category already created.)


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My initial thought was that it would be tough to do - but on further thought, it might be easier than i thought.
Checking the addresses is easy (i have code samples - there are code samples all over the internet)... then use find/restrict to find the messages by date and subject and add a category. 'm not sure if i have code that does that second part - but will look.


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From my OLD days, it seems to me that each message had an unique identifier you could see (i believe from the header packet when you could easily look at the header from the EDIT menu), and I was not sure if that is still used, if so if it is exposed to the VBA tools or not, and if that would work...
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