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I am using Outlook 2007 and I when I reply to certain emails, I notice that my "normal" style sometimes gets "hijacked" by the sender's configuration I'm guessing. In many cases the fact that I have Outlook configured to always use my fonts under Personal Stationary overrides any issues, but one exception is when the "normal" style gets reconfigured (by the sender's configuration?) such that the "style for following paragraph" changes from "normal" (the way I have it set) to "no spacing". In these cases I lose the font color formatting when I press enter (and the style changes to "no spacing"). Is there something I can do to prevent this?

Also, when it comes to styles and personal stationary, it seems both have ability to configure fonts it is not really clear to me which of the two take priority?

Finally, is it normal that you cannot edit and then save a style such that new documents can make use of the edited style?

Thank you in advance for any assistance. These questions have been bothering me for some time.
That is normal - outlook uses the sender's format when replying to messages that use stationery or include specific CSS. When the CSS is not included in the message (which should be messages that use the default outlook stationery settings), outlook will use your font/styles for the reply.

If you use stationery, outlook will use it for new messages only, not on replies. If the stationery has a font assigned in CSS, stationery's font is used, otherwise it uses the Body font. The body font is used for replies when a font is not specified by the sender.

When you edit a style you need to choose the option to apply to all future items that use the template. If you don't choose that, it applies only to the current message.
Is there any way to configure the style used by Outlook when replying to messages so that I could avoid formatting oddities caused by the sender's version of the Normal style?

It's interesting that until I press Enter, I can get the font color specified in my stationary to stick in my reply. If I dig down to the Style Inspector when I reply, the Normal Style has "Plus: Text 2" listed under Text Level Formatting which I'm assuming is the deep blue color styling I have specified for replies in my stationary. However when I press the Enter key in the message, it switches to the No Spacing style (as per the sender's Normal style configuration) which does not have the Text Level Formatting additional styling. Is there any way to configure Outlook to have the Text Level Formatting from my stationary applied to all styles (not just Normal) when I reply?

Thanks again Diane!
As far as I know, no. Sorry.
What I find odd is that while I cannot override the style when I reply, others seem to be able to, although perhaps that is because they are using a different email client. When I compose messages, I use the Normal style (as per the NormalEmail.dotm template) configured as:

Spacing before/after: 0 pt
Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style: checked
I noticed that when some recipients reply, the paragraph style of my message gets changed to

Spacing before/after: auto
Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style: unchecked

which results in twice the spacing as in my original message.

Would I be able to circumvent this by sending messages using something different than the Normal style (for example a style called MyNormal)?
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