Showing @live account in outlook 2013 calendar as private appointment

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I have a Microsoft live (Hotmail) account, which I use for all of my private appointments, and access using my windows phone and tablet.
At work, we use exchange, and have office 2013 (on windows 8.1), for which I have an outlook account.
I know that I can show both calendars in outlook 2013, which I currently do. Unfortunately, I am the only one able to see my Hotmail account.
How do I show my Hotmail appointments in my Outlook 2013 calendar (marked as private), so that other can see that that I have appointments, but not what they are?
You can't share Hotmail appointments as easily as you can share Exchange calendars - you can set it up online to share and give others the url, but they will add the calendar to their outlook rather than be able to check free/busy like they do with exchange.

i have a macro that could copy appointments to the Exchange calendar.
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