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Here's a new one, at least for me. A friend has changed his email address. I've removed the old one out of my address book and put in the new one. When I reply to his email, the old email address pops up instead of the new one. I've searched and cannot find any trace of the old address. Yet it consistently comes up in a reply. After trying to google this problem, I can find nothing. Steer me in the right direction if you will so I can fix this. Thanks.
(I should add, that his email address is a gmail account)
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When you say it comes up, where? If you are typing in the To field, it is still in autocomplete - delete it. But replies use the address it was sent from - you'll need to change the to address yourself. Now... if he is still sending you mail From the old address, the problem is on his end - he needs to change the address in his mail client.
When I hit the reply, his old email address comes up in the To Field: but he is sending it from his new address. That shows up when it comes in but when I hit the Reply, the old address shows in the To Field?
His old address is no longer in the Autocomplete but for some scary reason, is still coming up in the Replies. Have you run across this before and is there a fix.
Sounds like he has the address set as a reply to address too - pretty much every mail client supports it - in outlook the address on the first account screen is the From address. But in More Settings, you can set a different reply to address.

If I put his proper address in where you're saying, does that actually just work for him & not throw something else off kilter? If he has something awry in his settings, such as his SMTP address, the problem would be originating with him, correct or am I off the rails?
the problem is on his end if you hit reply and the address is his old one. It sounds like he changed the From field in his client - that leaves the Reply to field that he forgot to change.

Do you know what mail client he uses?
Ok, so I can stop pounding my head against the door knob. As said earlier, his mail comes in with his new address but hitting the Reply brings up his old one. I've wrote him earlier and asked him to check his settings, preferably the SMTP.
I'm not sure at all what he's using for a Mail Client. I'll have to ask him & I'll get back to you in a little bit. Another exciting night of skill testing questions Diane. Glad you're around. :)
We can all take a mental break from here on in Diane. I received a reply informing me his smtp settings were indeed incorrect. Having fixed them, all is operating within normal parameters. Thanks for chiming in and saving the day once again! Stay tuned to a computer near you for further Twilight Zone questions.

He'd never have discovered he forgot to change the setting if you haven't told him. :)
And here I was googling, attempting by myself to fix this from my end. Suddenly, I remembered I don't have the necessary skills, so why am I even doing this, thus my crying on your shoulder. Anyway, it all calls for a MacDonald's coffee! :)
Coffee it is! :)

And here I was googling, attempting by myself to fix this from my end.
I can't begin to count the number of people who think the problem is on the recipient side. I was ready to strangle a computer-illiterate friend (good thing she lived 1000 miles away!) when she kept emailing me after getting a new email address and had it messed up - for whatever reason, she added just the alias to the reply to field. I told her to change it and she insisted the problem was on my side. I even knew (from the header) what client she used and told her exactly where to fix it. Now that I think about it... that was the last time she emailed me... i get her Christmas letters by postal mail and see what little she posts on Facebook. lol

What is most annoying, is that you only need that field if you want replies to go to a different address - such as if its a send-only mailbox. Otherwise, its better just to leave it blank.
Oh I'm quite sure if I lived close by your residence, you'd hung me in a tree by now. Plus, there's nothing like someone asking for help then beginning to debate with the Tech giving the assistance! Definitely the way to go!?! I've been using computers for years and I'm totally amazed at how little I know. Sometimes it has me thinking I should have a brain scan!
One has got to be cut out to do what you're doing and for you've got to have an over amount of patience to do it. Whatever, you're appreciated by the many out there and by this guy for sure! :)
Oh I'm quite sure if I lived close by your residence, you'd hung me in a tree by now.
Nah... you strike me as know-just-enough-to-be-dangerous. The know-just-enoughs are fun - they can teach me things I didn't know but also know their limitations and admit it.

The know-nothings have trouble following simple directions and lead you down the rabbit hole. It takes twice as long to pry information out. I was helping one this morning and asked what type of email account. She had no idea. I told her to "Go to File, Account Settings, open the account settings dialog. Look to the right of your email address" - she responded that when she went to file, account settings, account settings there was no dialog with her email address. <sigh> I guess i need to reword that directive... lol.

I can't stand working with know-everythings. They can never admin when they are wrong.
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