Data file not associated with an email account and can't be deleted

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In Outlook 2010, I have a data file that is not associated with an email address and I cannot delete it. I created a new email account and now I have 1 email account and 2 data files with the same name. If I try and delete the default data file, it tells me it cannot delete the default. When I highlight the other data file, the option to make it default is grayed out. If I try and delete it, it tells me it that this data file is associated with an email account and to remove it, remove the email account. I checked the registry, and there are 2 accounts. If I delete the one with the least data, the next time I open outlook, it returns to the registry. The problem this causes, is outlook shows duplicate email accounts on the left side.
This is normal in IMAP accounts in Outlook 2010 and older. One data file is used for calendar and contacts and also the Outbox, while the other one has everything that is on the imap server.
That's not really the problem. The problem is that there are duplicate email accounts when Outlook is opened. They both have the same email addresses and show the same information under them. Even if I delete the email account, there is still a data file and it cannot be deleted. It shows to be the correct .pst file, but there is no email address linked to it. How do I delete it. When I try, I get an error message saying that I need to delete the email account associated with the file, but there is not one to delete.
if you have ghost pst in the profile, the best fix is making a new profile. You can try to fix the profile using the instructions at ghost pst files
I tried that and with no other email account in there, when I start outlook, it won't start because it says it cannot find the .pst file. If I have an email account, and delete the ghost in the registry, the next time I start outlook, it returns.
How many pst files are in your profile? Can you post a screenshot of youe folder list (Ctrl+6 to switch to the folder list)
How many pst files are in your profile? Can you post a screenshot of youe folder list (Ctrl+6 to switch to the folder list)

I ried to attach a word document with screenshots of the problem, but the file size was too big. Is there an email address or ftp site I could upload it to? I am really in need of some assistance. Luther
Screen shot 1.jpgScreen shot 2.jpgHere are the screen shots. Notice the 2 identical email accounts on the left. If I try and delete the data files, here is the message I receive.Screen shot 3.jpg If I attempt to change the default file, the set as default option is grayed out. Screen shot 4.jpg Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I tried searching for 001e3001 as instructed and nothing found. The instructions are for Outlook 2003 and 2007. I am using 2010. What should I be searching for?
I tried the addins and neither one of them helped. I followed the suggestions, deleted the 2 strings in the registry and still have the same issue, 2 data files, 1 email and 2 identical accounts in Outlook. Is there any way to delete the entire registry for Outlook and start from scratch? I am desperate and I need some way to resolve this issue.
I'm having a similar problem with OST files in Outlook 365. I had removed my Gmail account a while ago. Recently I finally upgraded to Outlook 365 from Outlook 2013. I show 5 OST files for my Gmail account, before the Gmail account was even added in. Closing Outlook, deleting the smaller ones and then re-starting Outlook doesn't help. Can one have ghost OST files?
Thank you Diane. This issue is resolved, but I regret I don't remember what I did to resolve it.
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