Can't Set a Particular Account as an Outlook Data File

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
I'm unable to set a particular PST as the default Outlook Data File. As shown below, the relevant account "Usable..." is selected but "Set as Default" is grayed out.


The email account associated with this PST is and IMAP account. I read somewhere in this forum that you can't set an IMAP account as a default data file due to something to do with contacts and calendars. I don't use Outlook for my calendar or to store contacts. At the end of the day here, I really just want email to be sent from this account by default. What happens is that I inadvertently send important emails from the POP3 account which I use for personal matters, rather than the IMAP account that I use for my business. I do have the IMAP account set as the default account for sending emails but unless the account is highlighted when I am composing the email, it send from the other account unless I manually change the "From" field, something I always forget to do.

Any suggestions? I'm running OL 2010 32 Bit. No exchange server or anything like that.

IMAP data files can't be set as default - even if you don't use calendar and contacts, outlook needs the local pst for the outbox.

Make sure you have all the latest updates for Outlook 2010 installed.

A few options:

force outlook to make you select the account before sending (annoying IMHO)

force all mail to use the default account (good if the imap account is the one you use most)

use macros to create new mail from specific accounts (you need to use the buttons, not the default New item commands)

See Outlook, Multiple Accounts and the Default Account - Slipstick Systems for specifics. If you are not using the keyboard shortcuts to create mail, buttons pointing to macros for the accounts is the best IMHO.

Alternately, you could use a macro to check the outgoing account and if not usable knowledge, it asks for confirmation before sending. IMHO, this would be better than the reg hack to force all mail from the default account. I don't think i have a macro that does it though - need to add it to my list of to-do's.
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