Can't the Deleted Items Folder be self cleaning ?

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in outlook 2007 I had set the deleted items folder to be cleaned each time I closed the program
that was fine
I could not find a way to do this in outlook 2016 so I tried to have mails not stay over one day in that folder :


but this just does not work : today is March 26th and I still have mails from march 23rd in the deleted items folder :rolleyes:

when I delete a mail, I just want it to disappear !
am I asking for the impossible, or am I just not doing the proper thing ?
thanks for your help !

Diane Poremsky

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It uses the date that you deleted the message (moved it to that folder), not the date it was sent.

File, Options, Advanced - right at the top should be the option to empty deleted on close. FWIW, its not my favorite setting as it can slow outlook down, especially if you are closing outlook to reboot - and it gives you no recovery time** if you accidently delete a message.

The other option is to use Shift+Delete to bypass deleted items - but that also gives you no option to recover**.

[**] the exception is for exchange accounts - they offer deleted items recovery.


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Thank you Diane !
FYI the messages in my deleted items folder items have been deleted on the day they were received.... so they should not have still been in there...
but the setting you gave me is perfect - wish I could do away with the warning "are you sure you want to delete all the items in you deleted items folders for all accounts" though - I guess this is what you mean about slowing down closing outlook... but still quicker than clearing all recycle folders individually :cool:
gmail keeps copies of my mails, should I ever delete one by accident (such an unlikely event !!! ;))

thanks, have a great day !
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