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I have a really strange issue with outlook 2013 . I just found out that my outlook has been trying to send an email for weeks on an account that I removed weeks ago. I was looking at server logs and sure enough my outlook is trying to send email from this removed account. Based on the reading I have done I suspect it is a stuck read receipt but when I use MFCMAPI the account is not listed so I can't remove it. What is worse is I can no longer set that account up again as the account no longer exists on the server.

The server log looks like this
May 22 10:31:36 cart imapd: LOGIN FAILED, user=xxxx@site.com, ip=[::ffff:] May 22 10:33:27 cart imapd: LOGIN FAILED, user=xxxx@site.com

Obviously I made the id and the IP generic here but that is what the server log says and the user that is show is for sure from the account I deleted a few weeks ago.

Is there are way to use MFCMAPI or MDBVU32 to find and stop outlook from trying to send what ever this email is.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Check the default data file for the read receipt, that would be were it is if outlook is still trying to send it. Well, unless the removed account was pop3 and you have the pst in the profile, then it could be there.
I read your great post on how to remove the read receipt (before I even posted this thread) but I dont see any stuck on the primary account or either of the seconday accounts. The account I removed is the one that is sending email or a receipt but I dont see how to find it. I recreated the account as pop3 and tried to look at it using MFCMAPI but I still dont see it. The pst for the removed account was not even in the outlook folder. This is a very puzzling one. Guess I will have to dump out all data and delete all accounts and load it back in to see if that fixes it. Not sure what else to try.
It definitely doesn't make any sense - the account is gone, the pst is not in the profile so outlook shouldn't even know about the account.

That is the server log, not Outlook's log, correct? Could something else be trying to login?
I am so embarrassed...10 minutes ago I found the issue. When I removed the account from the sever and my outlook I did not remove it from my phone. My phone however did not complain at all that it could not log into the server. I feel like an idiot. I finally started shutting down computers and software on all but one computer and the server was still kicking off errors .....then it hit me to check the phone. Proceeds of deduction and tons of wasted time. Was thinking I had a virus for a while. At any rate thanks so much for you responses. I thought I did enough due diligence before posting but obviously not. Have a great one....when ever I have outlook issues I generally find the answers in one of your posts.....you rock!
Don't feel bad. If only I had looked more closely at the wording in the first post and realized it wasn't an outlook log... and your experience is likely to help someone else, because yes, others do the very same thing. :)
I was sure disappointed that my windows phone popped up no message that it could not log into the account. It just proceeded to try and log in over and over and not notify me in any way. Technology .....got to love to hate it some times. Sure wish I had that 3 hours of my life back. Like all things IT ....when you are totally stumped you have to go back to plain old process of elimination. turn off all your hardware and bring them back on one at at time. Then if you are still not getting the issue start opening software programs one at a time.

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