recipients are not recieving my outgoing emails

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There is no indication in Outlook 2010 that there is a problem, they appear in the sent items folder.

I am not receiving any kicked-back emails. The recipients are regular contacts that I communicate with regularly.

Ipower ISP support says email is working fine, they have successfully sent an email from my account.

Local phone company says all is working fine.

Incoming and outgoing mail servers are set up correctly for POP/SMTP account.

2 additional identical email accounts on different computers are working correctly, but they also do not receive my email.

Norton software is installed and current and doesn't appear to be affecting mail delivery.

The only odd item I can share is that around the same time I began losing emails I started receiving Mailer-Daemon emails indicating that my "message could not be delivered" and the addresses are associated with China ISP's. and It is not a 1-to-1 relationship with legitimate email sent and Mailer-Daemon email kicked back. I haven't been sending emails for two days and am still receiving numerous M-D emails. My ISP said this isn't related, and that the M-D emails should grow in quantity for a couple of weeks and then stop altogether.

Thank you for any ideas, support you can offer.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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They may or may not be related. But, any time you get a lot off NDRs for messages you didn't send, you should change your password as a precaution, just in case the spammers are using your server when they spoof your address.

What antivirus /security software do you use? Is it scanning outgoing email?

Do you have a gmail account? Try sending mail to it from your account in outlook and also BCC it when you send to others.

It's possible your address is on an spammer list (if the recipients use certain antispam filters, such as mcafee) or the server you are using is on a block list (and the one the isp used to test is not on the block list).
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