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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Using Outlook, I sent a message to a person {name}@gmail.com using my
{name}@outlook.com account

I forgot to add something so navigated to the message in Sent Items for the relevant account. Instead of the sender showing as my email address is showed the sender as:

* is substituted for detail that may (or may not) identify.

My other email accounts (including a Hotmail account) correctly show the send as my email address.

Yesterday I needed to create a new Profile to overcome a sending issue. Before creating the profile, the previous Profile was deleted and all files deleted in {Drive}:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.

No issues were experienced adding accounts to the new Profile.

Before that, my sent messages for my Outlook.com account correctly showed my email address.
That is the Exchange x500 address - it's the internal Exchange address for your account.

Are all items in the sent folder showing that address or just ones sent after you created the new profile?
Hi Diane,
Thank you for your reply.
It is only my outlook.com sent messages and only since new account creation.
I've had a few people say they had the same problem but I can't repro and Microsoft said they don't have any cases on it.

Is the Outlook.com account in your profile as Microsoft Exchange?
If you resend, what address does the recipient see? As long as it works and the recipient can reply, it's ugly but doesn't really affect your email.
Thank you.
I've re-done the profile a few times over the years. This is the first time I've seen it. A web search for the sender ID as it shows produced nothing of interest. My guess is it is not very common so it comes as no surprise it can't be reproduced.

Ugly in acceptable at my end. A test message to another account indicates no problems for other people's Inbox. However, time to try two things:
1) Delete and re-create the account in Outlook
2) Build a new profile

Results will follow when done.
I decided to reduce the fat before starting so its taken a while.

As you probably expected, same result (however, new profile with significantly reduced data files so worth the time).

There seems to be a MAPI connector working one Outlook opens. Symptoms were all accounts except one were configured before opening Outlook. The overlooked account happened to be a hotmail account. On first opening, Outlook asked whether there is a hotmail account to add. "That's handy, I thought". On completion the account produced sync errors and the connection showed as a MAPI.

The ugly sent name has changed. Hotmail is in now in the format of the thread subject while the Outlook.com account now shows the sender as {Name} on behalf of {Name}.

Possibly the redundant Outlook connector is wielding some influence?
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