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I have a few questions about making outlook contacts quickly since we are going to migrate data to dynamics CRM.

1. I downloaded the program NK2Edit to access my auto complete addresses, which works well. This list should contain all the email recipients I have sent emails to, unless they were deleted manually from the list. It has an option to import to Outlook (only default folder, but its a start, as we can move in bulk and then move again to the correct contact folder after)
2. It has an option for bulk "add recipient to contacts" which looks good. This has two options, sent items and received items. I assume it will only export addresses which are still in the inbox / sent items. That is, if messages were deleted already - they cant be found and added as recipients (e.g. spam). In theory this is good, but it doesn't allow choosing which folders to scan. So in my case when I have 10 mailboxes, its scanning a lot of folders.
3. In outlook itself, I can only find one way to add contacts from emails. That is one at a time, by either right clicking email address and add to contacts or dragging the email into the contacts folder. The problem with the first is that again it goes to default contacts folder - not good for other mailboxes. The issue with the second is that you end up with a bunch of text in your contacts notes field.

Does anyone know a good way to add contacts in bulk from a specific mailbox, straight to the contact folder of that mailbox / account. Ideally we could select a bunch of emails, and add all recipients as contacts. If not in outlook directly, maybe another third party tool or NK2edit.
if the addresses are all in your inbox or a specific folder, you can use this macro: Create Contacts From Messages - it works on a selection but could be changed to use a specific folder.

This line: Set folContacts= oNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts) uses the default contacts folder but that could be changed (however, it looks for existing contacts by the same name first - it might be better to set a category in the With oContact block so you know what was added by the macro).
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