Automatically move recipients to BCC field

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server

apologies if this has come up before - my searches were fruitless for something similar.

I often email my customers with product information, and of course I would like to always remember to place their email addresses in the BCC field to protect their privacy.

I'm worried that one day I might accidentally put their addresses in the "To" field, and expose their email to all the other recipients of the email.

Is there some sort of rule (or alternative) that evaluates an email before sending, with the following logic:

If count of recipients in "To" field >= 5, then move all recipients to "BCC" field before sending

I've had a look at creating a rule from scratch and can't find anything that looks for the number of recipients.

I'm using Outlook 2010, and I'm on an exchange server but I couldn't tell you what version I'm afraid.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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