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When I put in the person's name in the "Display as" column in outlook contacts and go back to send an e-mail, the display as name changes to the e-mail address of that person. I've retyped the persons name only to go back and find that the e-mail address is in the "display as" column instead of the person's name. This happens to almost all of my contacts.
This is with a POP3 account? The display as field in the actual contact is changed too? Are you entering the person's name in the full name field?

I know Outlook.com accounts requires a specific format - you can't change the display name field.
This is a POP3 a/c with verizon. I enter the person's name in the name field for example "Barbara J Smith", the e-mail field as "bsmith@bestfriend.com", then in the "display as" field I put "Barbara". I hit the "save/close" button and when I get ready to send an e-mail, the "display as" name reverts to the "bsmith@bestfriend.com" e-mail address. I've changed it on the business card and still it reverts to the e-mail address.
Maybe we can kickstart this threat again...


I've just started using Google App Sync, which meant that a new profile was created for me...:mad:. Never the less, I've created my additional 5 emails on the new profile and then linked them to the original databases.

Regardless of the time spent on that and resolving the following questions, I'm still to find a way whereby I can change the email's "Display as" feature. Currently it only displays the email and not the name + surname of the contact. I have over 1500 contacts and eventhought this is not a massive issue, it still slows my business prcoess.

Is there a way in which I can change the name@domain.com to Name Surname (name@domain.com)?

I use Outlook 2013, 32bit on widows 7
Google Apps on MAPI, the rest are all on POP

Thanks very much for taking the time to help me with this.
GA uses the email address format and you can't override it. Contacts stored in a local pst file should use name (address) format.

The current Outlook.com/Hotmail also forces a specific format. Exchange and local pst files do not.
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