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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Exchange Server
In my Journal entry, I created a new style called 'My Code' based on Body Text for courier new, 8pt, black, indented, automatic update and applied it to some text.

The style is saved with 'Add to Quick Style list' and 'New documents based on this template'.

I saved the journal entry. Then created another journal entry. When I look at the Format Text Styles, I now see two new style 'My Code' and 'My Code1'.

Looking back at my original journal, the text I formatted with 'My Code' is now assigned to 'My Code1'.

Using the style manager, I select all of that style and click on revert to 'My Code'. The 'My Code1' goes away from the Quick style and from the style manager list.

If I then close the journal and reopen it, 'My Code1' is back. If ignore that and opening/close the journal adding text to it formatting it as 'My Code'. I get 'My Code2', 'My Code3'... on and on.

What is going on and how to I stop this style replication?
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