Setting default format for composing/replying to emails

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Hi all,

There is a certain format which I need to adhere to when composing or replying to emails. These are the following points:

1. It starts with Hi xxx,

2. It is followed by a numbered list,

a. with special first line indentation, and

b. spacing between each numbered point.

How do I make this format the default whenever I compose or reply to an email? When I click “set Default” in the dialog, it makes the entire email (including Hi xxx) indented.

If I try to define a new number format, it also does not allow me to set the indentation as default. Any idea how I can achieve my objective above?



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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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that's still an additional step. I'd like it to be the default (i.e. nothing has to be clicked upon) whenever I compose a new email.

any idea how it can be achieved?

Thank you.


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It seems that there is never any good advice on formatting. One is just stuck with a layout one doesn't want. I preferred the older versions of Outlook which didn't dictate the formatting.
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