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Hi Guys,

I will explain what I am trying to achieve:

- Our office has 4 desktops and 2 iPhones.
- My Admin Manager has 2 folders in Outlook 2007 (admin@mydomain & theboss@mydomain)
- She accesses my emails (theboss@mydomain) throughout the day and prints off invoices, correspondence, etc, as it arrives, from her computer.
- I return to the office (or on my iPhone) and find emails, but have no way of knowing what has been done, apart from asking her.
- To stop double up on printing invoices, etc and to know what she has actioned, responded to, etc, I would like her and I, to be able to tick off, flag, or categorise emails in a way that doesn't have us talking about it...

What are my options?

Thank you!

If her marking the messages as read is not showing up when you view the account, either categorize or flag with mark complete. Both are equally easy to do - double click to flag complete, or click to set the category assigned to quick click category. Another option is for her to folder the messages in a "completed" folder as she finishes each message.
Apparently categories aren't able to be shared... And double clicking the flag doesn't bring a tick up in IMAP, only POP3...
Right. Category colors aren't shared, but categories stick to the message... however, it's iffy with imap because most IMAP servers don't support the category property. If you see a category she adds in the mailbox on your outlook, then you both just need the same category list....

Flags aren't supported at all - just on and off. :(
Not a whole lot of options since it's an IMAP account, or more accurately, since its not an Exchange account. Sharing support is limited in the other account types.

If she marks messages read, the read state should sync to your computers and phone - if she marks messages read that don't need your action, it should help some.

Or she could move the messages to another folder as she works them.
Are there any pros and cons in moving to an exchange account?

My knowledge in this regard is limited (I have only just moved from pop3 to imap)
Aside from the cost, there aren't really any cons. The least expensive plan is $5 per mailbox per month - this would be for accounts that have a login. If you need shared mailboxes (usually used for sales@, info@ etc), they are free.

The pro is that it syncs with multiple computers, works with all smart phones. The features that worked with POP3 will work with exchange - and sync. You can share calendars & contacts more easily (if that is important).

all of the options are here:
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