Cannot successfully add gmail IMAP account to Outlook 2013.

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Pulling my hair out now.

I am trying to set up a gmail account to use IMAP, but seems I cannot get connection to the IMAP server. Upon adding the account, I get the following message:
"Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP): A secure connection to the server cannot be established"

- I have tried 15 times, .... every time the IMAP connection fails, but the SMTP test succeeds.

I have quadruple-checked the settings per various sites, including:

I am certain I am doing it correctly, because I can sucessfully add the same account into Outlook on my wife's computer. So it must be some issue with my computer setup. It is relatively new (1.5 yr), Windows 7. I had Outlook 2010 on it before yesterday, but I had the same problem with it. So, I thought installing Outlook 2013 might help. I completely uninstalled Office 2010, and ran FixIT, before installing Office 2013.
I have tried disabling my firewall completely before running the connection attempt... no luck.
Also, it works 100% if I change the account to gmails pop3 server. Just will not work using IMAP.

Any ideas of what I could try next?

Thanks in advance.

Not open for further replies.