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Hi all, hi Diane,

I built an invoicing system based on my Outlook appointments. Each appointment is time spent on a certain customer and project.
A userform in Outlook shows all appointments of last month, say, and then a macro brings it to Excel with pivot tables and stuff to do the invoicing.
It all works pretty well :) I have a solid background in Excel VBA programming so Outlook VBA isn't difficult. My Outlook VBA code loops over appointments within a time range and collects information.

Now I want to take it 1 step further. For SLA kind of activities, I need to track more information. Like:
- a ticket reference (####) (free input, 4 digits)
- the name of the person logging a ticket (free input or combobox maybe)
- a certain ticket type (combobox with 4 options)
- was the ticket solved or not ?
- a description of the ticket and the solution (short free text)

Rather than using the Body of an appointment, I thought about using a Custom form. I played with that and while I can create these controls on 'P. 2', I am stuck. Is it the purpose to create such a new appointment class, fill in the controls, save the appointment and then the control contents STAY ?
I mean, I can use a combobox, save the custom appointment, reopen, and the combobox is empty again. I want to it be populated with my choices / selections.
Once I have entered 1 custom appointment, I would copy it for another ticket, change the contents and that's it.

My aim is to loop over appointment items, both standard and custom ones (i can do this, the class is different and I can distinguish both) and then read out the selections and textbox entries. I want to reopen the custom appointment at any time, make a change, and save. Early next month, retrieve all information from the appointments and build invoicing in Excel.

Or am I on the wrong track ? What websites/tutorials can you suggest in this area of custom forms for my application ?

Many thanks in advance ! I am an avid user of Excel but discovering many useful functionality of Outlook which makes life a lot easier !

Wim Gielis
Former MS Excel MVP (2010-2014)
I am making progress. I found out that I should use (custom) properties to bind the controls to.
I'll update the thread with newer information when I can.
A couple of hours later, I got it working ;-)
Excel tables get the information that is entered in textboxes and selected in listboxes.

The only thing that remains, is that my listbox values are hard-coded in the property to which I bind the value. I'll try to set the listbox items in code when the form opens.
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