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Instant search is a life saver and I use it many times a day.

The issue is the search results sort, for some reason the first records displayed (while actively searching) are the oldest. My active In-Box is newest first, aka "received descending".

It would be ok if I could hit "Received" and resort while searching. I cannot; if I touch Outlook during the search it will hang or worse. If I scramble to the bottom of the (ongoing) search results it is like whack-a-mole, my goal-email moves around like a chicken on fire.

I've had 2007 for over two years on this PC - now it has defaulted to "ascending" sort order. Nothing I have changed in the setting seems to stick. It will reset once and the next search is back to the "received ascending".


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I change the view I have all the time, but never leave it in anything but "date descending". Email and quick response demand it.

Regardless what view I have, or how I default the settings, it sorts ascending, from the oldest. The mystery is that it hadn't been this way before. Not sure what has changed or if I changed it.

Diane Poremsky

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Reset the view - this will take it back to the default. Which sort order does it use? (mine uses by date, newest first)
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