1. pwatts2

    Restrict some lists to only BCC send option

    I am using Outlook on the Web for work emails. We have confidential emails from some of our clients in a counselling setting. Sometimes we want to create a client list for those attending the same event and send one email out to them all at the same time. However, these must always be sent as...
  2. N

    Outlook rules don't create a copy for bcc'ed emails

    I have rules to create a copy if an email in addition to what is saved in the sent folder. Commonly, if I send to jeandoe@somemail.com, I create a rule so a copy of the email is saved to a folder named Doe, Jean. I have lots of rules, and they're a pain to create (hello, MS, why is the basic...
  3. G

    Bcc help - Preventing multiple forwards from a bcc'd distribution group

    I'm in need of some help solving a headache at the company I work for. Our clients have multiple service providers, my company being one of them. They often send process change requests and general announcements to all of their service providers at once, blind copying the recipients. We've...