How to create contacts group list with IMAP/iCloud?

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In Outlook 2010, I knew how to create a contacts groups before converting to IMAP and iCloud. Now the "New Contacts Group" menu item is gone when I'm clicked on my iCloud email account. If I click on Contacts in My Contacts, it reappears but the My Contacts folder is empty since everything is now on the cloud. Somehow, during the painful process of converting to IMAP and syncing with iPhones/iPads via iCloud, all my contact groups dissapeard. I somehow at some point in that conversion effort managed to recreate a couple of them and they remain in the iCloud contacts folder, but now in trying it again I have no idea how I did it since there is no menu item for a new contacts group.

Suggestions welcomed!


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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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We may have an apples and oranges disconnect here. I have no menu item in the Ribbon, nor a right click option to create a group contacts list. I did discover a painful and torturous work around, however.

1. Cut/paste the contacts from Contacts iCloud to Contacts in My Contacts. They now disappear from the iCloud folder and and iPhone. This was a bit troubling since I had no idea if I could restore them. Create the desired group contacts list since the ribbon menu is now visible in the My Contacts folder.

2. Using the Move menu item in the ribbon, and after doing a select-all, select the last menu item (copy to folder) and copy the contacts back to the iCloud Contacts.

3. I now have 2 copies of my contacts, but the one not in the iCloud will grow obsolete since it's not syncing with anything.

A rather awkward, non-intuitive design concept by MS to create group contacts lists with iCloud, I must say.

Is it possible my Outlook 2010 is missing an add-in/plug-in or an upgrade to explain why we have different menu options?

I have 14.0.7106.5003

Thanks for the help.
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