Allow Another User to Send on Behalf of But Prevent Access to Inbox

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Is there a way to allow another user to send on behalf of someone else without giving them access to be able to view that Inbox?

I'm assuming the most basic of Delegate permissions need to be applied but is there a special combination of properties in the Inbox permissions that can be set to allow them to Send As that user but not able to 'Open' the user's (Inbox) folder?

Thanks for any help!:D

The only thing I can see to affect are the user's Delegate properties and the radio button options (when modifiying the Sharing Permissions) on the Inbox of the user concerned. In adding the other user as a delegate, this seems to automatically give the delegate the right to Open the user's Inbox (file, open) within their own Outlook account. I need to prevent this.

Our Outlook is hosted under MS BPOS if this adds any further dimension to things?

Thanks again,

Ahhh... delegates. Both delegates and bpos make this harder.

Does the person need to be a delegate? If not, remove the delegate and just give them send as permsisions to the mailbox. I don't use bpos, but i assume you can change server side stuff using cmdlets as I can with office 365.

If they need to be a delegate, did you try setting the permission on the Inbox (in the owner's outlook, right click on inbox, choose properties then change the permission so the delegate has no permission to the folder? (I have not tried this - it may not work with delegates.)

It looks as though this is only do'able via cmdlts...

Eg. (BPOS - Exchange OnLine)

Add-msonlinemailpermission -identity owner.emailaddress -trusteduser other-user.emailaddress -grantsendas $true

Thanks for your help Diane:D
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