FW Email via Outlook and another requirement

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
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I have a solution, but it in elegant and buggy

My problem

Work has disabled forwarding via a rule in exchange server, so I had to go to VBA

I receive occasional emails sent to a specific user group of which I am a member, these can be time critical hence the need to forward

I need to
1. Remove everything but the new message
2. Remove my email normal signature
3. Try and remove / suppress the footer that is applied by exchange (not critical but would be good)
4. FW mails from my account where i receive messages that where sent to the GROUP. They get sent to a GMAIL account, which usually gives a specific tone to alert this group message
5. Move the incoming message to an email folder (coded) need to specify the PST and folder in the code (currently set as a rule which may not run for reasons unknown)

I can get around in excel VBA, but haven't grasped the grass roots of OUTLOOK and not adept at asking the right question

currently each message gets far bigger and awkward to read on a mobile device

any pointers as to where best to look for a complete solution,(I'm not great when each bit is written differently with the same intention)

as variables

where Incoming@mail.com is the GROUP
Outgoing@mail.com is my needed location
archive PST so Path/Folder/PSTname

something to suppress the addition of the FW signature from being applied to the message

:) big ask I know and someone will go thats too easy, and I wish I was in their shoes

Not open for further replies.
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