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I have a train club membership database in MS Access 2010. I need to send about 60 membership renewals every month.
I have some VB code to generate a generic email with a personalised pdf attachment - out of the Access database.

For years, I've tried to circumvent the Deny/Allow prompt from Outlook 2010.
I've logged on as admin and set the programming access to Never warn...
I've added the registry keys as suggested by Diane - all to no avail.

Finally, I installed ClickYes Pro and Bingo, it works. I added MSACCESS.exe as the allowed executable.

My question is, does Clickyes Pro only run when Access is loaded or does it run all the time looking for Access?
What does it do that the option and registry tweaks don't do?
Finally, for my application, which is a voluntary model train club, is it free?

It runs all the time. You shouldn't get that dialog with Outlook 2010 IF you have a valid and up-to-date antivirus. Does File, Options, Trust Center, Programmatic Access say Antivirus status: valid under the grayed out options?
It says Antivirus status: Valid.
Also, I only use Windows Defender (Win8.1] and I have auto update always on.

Also, thanks for giving me the clue to ClickYes - it saves me heaps of time (and indignation that one MS Office product can't send to another.]
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