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I was trying to delete and send cancellation for a recurring meeting request i had set up. I accidentally closed the cancellation that was suppose to be sent out to everyone, so it never actually got sent out.

However the meeting request has now been removed from my calendar so i even can't try to send the cancellation out again. Is there any way to get this back?

I have tried checking my deleted items folder, it isnt in there.

I tried clicking on the calendar folder and then going to Tools - Recover Deleted Items, but its greyed out and cant be selected.

Do anyone know how i can get this back or even if there is a way to send out a cancellation for it. I'm currently using Outlook 2003.

Many thanks
It should be in the deleted folder as long as you haven't emptied it - close the reading pane and sort by icon column. The deleted cancellation should be on the top or bottom. I'm not sure if you can move it back to the calendar, but you should be able to send it from the deleted folder and have it work correctly.

(Things like this are one reason I dislike the setting to empty deleted items on exit.)
Have one of the other attendees in the meeting forward you the invite. If you're the meeting organizer you will not be able to 'accept' the invite....but, if you then forward the forward to yourself Outlook will place it back on your calendar in a tentative state. Right click on the tentative entry in your calendar and you will then be able to click 'accept'. If the meeting is a recurring one make sure the attendee you ask to send you the initial forward sends you the series so that when you forward the forward to yourself it will put the series of meetings back on your calendar. I just happened to stumble across this solution as I was trying trial and error to get the meeting back on my calendar.
Having the message forwarded to me helped - I was able to click the calendar icon at the top of the message, taking me to the appointment on my calendar. Once in the calendar, I was able to right click on the appointment, select delete --> delete series. It allowed me to create a message to remove the appointment from all calendards... Thanks, ATL for the ideas!!
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