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Robert Jory

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Due to a technicians instructions, I lost all the categories in my Outlook 2013. The PST file is connected to exchange. I did some research online and went through a process to try to recover them.

  1. Opened old profile
  2. Assigned a note with all my categories and saved the note.
  3. Opened the new profile and imported the note with all my categories
  4. When I look at a contact now, I can see the original category which says "categoryname not in master category list"

I can group contacts according to categories but I cannot assign a category to a new contact because the categories are not in the master list. I did some more research and did the following.

  1. Right clicked on the main inbox and selected "Data File Properties"
  2. Clicked on "Upgrade to Color Categories" and answered yes

This seems to have done nothing. I have about 200 categories. Is there any way to restore them ?

PS: can I post images here from snipit ?
Diane Poremsky or anyone, please help. I don't want to have to recreate over 100 categories. Just need to know how to get them back in the master list.
Sorry, I got behind on answering questions last week (and if I'm not lucky, will be behind again - I'm in a jury pool for 3 weeks. :( It is the biggest waste of time ever. "Free" justice is bad justice.)

Anyway... using upgrade to color categories should work if the item with the categories is in your default mailbox - categories are per account/data file, not for the entire profile.

You can post images, but they need saved and uploaded. You can also post links to images on file sharing sites. More than one link will kick it into moderation, but everything that is not spam is approved.

Are all categories assigned to one item? So if need be, we could get a quick list of all of the 'not in master list' categories?

I'm going to check with the category expert (Michael Bauer, who wrote Category Manager) and see what he thinks is wrong.
Oh, is the item with all the categories in the IMAP pst or in a local pst? IMAP doesn't fully support categories (but the data files now supports calendar and contacts).
Oh, is the item with all the categories in the IMAP pst or in a local pst? IMAP doesn't fully support categories (but the data files now supports calendar and contacts).

Thanks Diane for responding. I am new to exchange but have been using Outlook for ages.

All the categories are attached to a note in the main .PST file, the one that was converted and connected to exchange. All the categories were successfully applied to my contacts. When I open a contact I see it at the top but without a color. While I am in the contact I click on Categorize, All Categories and it is listed as client (not in Master Category List). Of course I can add it to the master list from here but I have about 200 of these. I was just trying to get them all in the master list automatically somehow. I did go to the PST account , right licked, Data File Properties and selected Upgrade to Color Categories and answered yes tot he warning prompt but that didn't seem to do anything. I hope this information helps.
It appears the Upgrade to color categories doesn't work with IMAP. Or it's broken completely - i removed the imap account and opened a pst in outlook 2013 and the color categories are not upgrading either.
Thanks Diane, Microsoft used to call these enhancements :rolleyes: What I had to do is open my note that contained all categories, then click All, then click on each category and clicked the new button, which added them to the master list.
Yeah, until they fix it, the manual method will have to do. It's not too, too bad if you only have a few categories, but is slow if you have a lot.
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