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Hi all

Is it possible to restore the BCM default settings without reinstalling BCM?

I would like to remove any custom adjustments that were performed.


I uninstalled/reinstalled and configured BCM but in the end we have the same customizations like before the uninstallation process.

Additionally for all contacts the Contact User Page is white and empty - nothing is visible.

Any other options/solutions ?
What customizations do you want to reset?

I haven't looked into doing this, but the settings are using stored in the registry, I assume as part of the profile... I never looked into it so I'm not 100% sure its in the profile - it might be in the BCM database (SQL). In either case, you'd need a new profile or a new database to fix it (or delete the right value in either.)

On Contacts, did you try resetting the view? (View ribbon.) I assume you've looked at the Customize options on File, Business Contact Manager, Customize button and nothing applies? (It doesn't look like any on that list would, but not knowing exactly what is wrong, I can't be sure.)
I want to obtain the initial state after BCM installation -> new user and fresh BCM installation -> for the current BCM user.

All user customizations/configurations standard or not should be removed.

Only one BCM user is struggling with this issue.

Changing between a test DB and the production DB also didn't helped.

Resetting the views - View Ribbon - where exactly is the button/option located?

I will try to upload a screenshot tomorrow for better understanding.
Look on the view ribbon - not sure it will fix the problem. I'll see if i can find out where they keep the customizations - and a screenshot will help a lot. Thanks.

Thank you for the screenshot. I will definetely give it a try and let you know the results.

Feedback and screenshot will follow tomorrow.
Resetting the views didn't help.

Like in the screenshot the User View remains white and empty.

And only one user is facing this problem - for other users the information is visible.


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And another layout problem:


In the Screenshot under Internet section "E-Mail 2..." is always displayed.

Normally we should be able to see "Email".

Additionally if we want to select another phone number f.e. Mobilephone the output gets redirected to another field and the mobile phone number will not be displayed.

I assume it has something to do with formularlayout but even when using the option to switch to default values nothing actually happens.
On the label problem - that looks like it could be the "custom form label bug" but i see it here too, and I have the fix installed. (Regular forms that are customized use the correct field labels now.)

Is only one user affected? Do you know if its always been like this? I never noticed it, but I created most of my BCM contacts by dragging regular contacts over.

Check the Outlook build # in the affected machine and compare it to the others - File, Office Account, About Outlook. Also check the Installed Updates in Add or Remove Programs. Do all systems have the same updates?
Only one user is impacted and the Outlook Build is 15.0.4535.1006 MSO 15.0.4535.1002 64-bit.

On another PC we have (where the issue is not present) the following build is installed: 15.0.4517.1509 MSO 15.0.4517.1504 64-bit.

Could you please provide a download link for the fix?
The affected user has the newest version - don't upgrade the others, although it looks like its a display "thing" as the field names are correct in views. It looks like buggy September updates may be at fault.

I'm checking with support on this. I don't know if the white screen is related - i have the label problem but not the white screen.
I just uninstalled the patches and the label issue seems to be fixed. The white screen issue is still present.

After this step the left side folder navigation pannel is not visible anymore. Probably Office needs to be reinstalled.


What are the options in case the updates were already installed?

Is there a fix released or planned to be released in the near future?
Navigation pane issue is also fixed. Solution - uninstallation of KB2817630
So you only removed *630?

2825632 was the fix for the navigation pane - it also introduced changes in Touch mode. I guess I will be testing these two again today. :)
Step 1 - I removed: KB2810009, KB2817624, KB2825632.

Step 2 - After step 1 the folder navigation pane issue appeared and I uninstalled KB2817630.

After step 2 the Outlook build is the same as for the user that is not experiencing issues.

On the affected PC the fix
2825632 for the nav pane was not present.

I'm still struggling with the white info screen but I know there is a solution out there.
Hi Diane

The above solution works for 64 bit installations.

What about 32 bit Installation with build 15.0.4535.1004 MSO 15.0.4535.1002 ?

Which updates should we uninstall?

Is there any fix released?
Hi Dianne, I'm also effected by this. The labels of some of the fields have been muddled. I would be interested in hearing the outcome of your conversations with support. Cheers,
Nothing to report yet - they are still looking into it.
Thanks Diane. Also, I know this is a somewhat unrelated question, however I was wondering if you knew how to stop duplicate contacts being created in outlook contacts (i.e. people) when business contacts are modified (i.e. when you have contact synchronisation turned on). For example, if I were to update a phone number of one of my business contacts, it creates a duplicate of the contact in outlook contacts, with one of them reflecting the updated number. Have you come across this?
Hi Diane

Also the latest October Office updates are buggy. I'm testing and trying to figure out which of the updates must be removed.

The labels layout is messed up again.

Any chance to have a fix delivered in the next couple of days?

- - - Updated - - -

Hi Diane

Also the latest October Office updates are buggy. I'm testing and trying to figure out which of the updates must be removed.

The labels layout is messed up again.

Any chance to have a fix delivered in the next couple of days?
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