Weird naming of fields in Contacts

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Since one or two months there is something wrong with the naming of some fields in the contacts, accounts and potential customers windows.

Under 'Internet' the first field should be 'E-mail'; now it is 'E-mail2'. Under 'Telephone numbers' the first field is 'Home', it should be 'Work'. There are possible other fields corrupted which I don't know of, because I don't use them.

In the list-view of contacts etc those fields are named correctly, oddly enough: E-mail2 is E-mail and with telephone numbers 'Home' is Work. Anyone familiar with this problem aand how to solve it?

My BCM is in Dutch so there can be translations slightly wrong. Excuses.
Today installed SP1 for office 2013 - the bug still there.

Is MS f kidding us?

Has anyone tried to install SP1 on CLEAN office (without buggy updates)? Result for our case?
I had a clean install of a beta build and it was in it. I assume it's going to be a problem in a newer clean install too.
Thanks for reply, Diane.

Have you ever tried export/import function of BCM?

I'm trying to downgrade office from 2013 to 2010 and respectively transfer BCM database, but it cannot be done directly due to incompatibility.

I tried to export whole 2013 database in *.bcm file and then import it in Outlook 2010. Formally import works, but connection between emails and history records is lost (i.e. clicking on history record opens only plain text history record of email, not original email itself, even if PST file with this email connected as default to Outlook 2010)
I haven't used it to downgrade, but the behavior is typical - links are broken when you use import/export. The items as linked by entryid and exporting copies the items, creating new entryid's. There may be other factors involved with BCM exports, i haven't looked at the export file, but if it's not the entryid, then it's some other id that is changed in the import/export and that prevents outlook from linking the two properly. (With a SQL db, it could the index key)
uhmm... pity

May be some rude transfer of SQL database could help?

Or "unofficial" SQL tool aimed at BCM?

I tried direct copying of MDF/LDF files, but it doesn't work either.
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