Weird contacts disappearance

Joe Descartes

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Outlook 2007
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I recently installed two new accounts, one a pop and one an imap, on my mother's computer. Subsequently, and after I returned the pc to her, all her original contacts disappeared from her contacts folder. The folder is still there - it's just empty.

I have repaired the pst files - no good; I have found a back up file, changed it to a pst and added that, but nothing there either; I have searched for other pst files and also imap files but no luck.

I'm out of ideas. I can't believe my mother deleted the contacts list by accident but that, no matter how improbable (as Sherlock says), must be the answer. Or is it? Please help...

Diane Poremsky

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Is she syncing with an iPhone and installed iCloud?
What version of Outlook does she use? As long as it's not Outlook 2013, her calendar and contacts should be in a pst file. In 2013, they can be in an imap data file, which is very easily lost.

Switch to the folder list (ctrl+6) - is there more than one contacts folder?