Default Font in Outlook 2013

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It's me and Outlook fonts again! I'm presently being hounded by a glitch that insists that my default font for new messages and notes in my contacts will be Times New Roman (Times).

The best method to permanently set the default font is (with the cursor in the body of a new message) Format Text/Change Styles/Fonts etc. If I choose Calibri it will work for replies and forwards but not for a new message or notes in contacts - Times refuses to budge!

When I use the 2nd best method namely a stationery theme (where I've amended the HTML file to use my chosen font) it works fine for all messages (new, replies & forwards) but Times is still the default font for notes in contacts.

It's as if there is a setting somewhere in Office (or Windows or the Registry?) that is set to Times and this setting overrides my choices as mentioned above. I think the glitch started after one of the Windows or Office updates a few months ago, but I'm not sure of this. I tried the "quick repair" for Office in Control Panel/Programs and Features but this did not help.

Any suggestions?
Have you tried the method here - - where you set the +Body style? I've not had a problem with it - it should change it for all *new* items, I'm not sure if it will change the notes field for existing items though - I know it won't if there is text in the notes field, but I haven't checked it with empty notes fields.

You can use the last macro Changing the font in Outlook's Notes field to change the font of existing contacts.
Thanks Diane

Yes, I used the suggested method since reading it in your tips - that's what I tried to describe in the first line of my question. It has always worked fine for me until recently, when the Times New Roman font started overriding my setting, although only for the new message font.

The font in Contacts notes is not all that important, but I mentioned it because there appears to be a common cause for the Times New Roman font being the default in both a new message and the notes in Contacts.

Can the following perhaps be relevant? I tried out Outlook Business Contact Manager a while ago but then uninstalled it. Does it not perhaps file and sort contacts only in Last Name, First Name order and maybe place a setting in the Registry that overrides any setting for First Name Last name order? Just a hunch, since I vaguely recall that the problem started after I installed BCM.

Kind regards

Sorry for the mee too reply, we have this in Outlook 2010. So far, not found a solution yet.
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