Lost access to remote BCM database

Discussion in 'BCM (Business Contact Manager)' started by TVC15, Feb 13, 2017.

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    I have three computers in my home office. One is our BCM SQL Server (SQLComputer) and the other two are running Outlook 2013 with BCM (Computer #2 & #3) all on Win10. We have been successfully using this solution for a 6+ years.

    We lost network connectivity the other day and when I tried to bring Computer #2 back up it could not connect to the BCM database. I am getting the error stating that either Computer #2 user has not been granted access to Computer #1 OR the password that Computer #2 uses is not the same as on SQLComputer. I have double checked and the user and passwords are exactly the same on SQLComputer and for Computer #2 user.

    Help! I thought I saw a solution to this problem a year or two ago that Diane suggested unloading one of the BCM services on the SQL host machine, trying to connect and then reloading. But, I don't remember the details and could not find it on the Slipstick site!
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    I don't recall it offhand either... i know that using a windows account to log into Windows is a problem.

    I have this - Configuring BCM to share a SQL server database - but it's just the basics of setting it up and wouldn't affect a working system unless an update closed some ports.
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    Right, we don't use Windows account logins. Just local logins. What tool do I use to view the TCP/IP ports? BTW, thanks for all of the great advice and posts on your site!!!

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