Restore Deleted Folders and Emails in .pst

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I am using Outlook 2003.

I usually download emails from the server to .pst and leaving no copies on

the server.

A few hours ago I accidentally deleted a folder with important emails and

emptied "Deleted Items" folder in .pst environment.

It looks like these important emails are permanently deleted from my .pst


Please help! Many thanks in advance!


Restore from your last backup?

Asking a question?

Please tell us the version of the application you are asking about,

your OS, Service Pack level

and the FULL contents of any error message(s)

clark kent

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Hi Friend,

In addition of Daine Poremsky’s comment, I would like to highlight the feature of MS-Exchange which helps to recover the deleted items.

It is called “Dumpster” in Exchange, which can revert back your permanently lost emails of Micorosft Outlook.

But, there is also a drawback with Dumpster feature that it comes with retention period. If the emails have crossed the retention time period, then there is no option for you (even if you are connected with a server).

For more brief about Dumpster feature in Outlook Exchange:


Clark Kent


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Hi, I tried the support link is here, but i could not recover my lost emails, then i saw a software called OutlookFIX and it worked very fine, so I hope help you.
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