Is it possible to restore deleted webmail to server?

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Mark Krzyzanowski

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Tired of using a different webmail reader, I mapped my webmail to Outlook 2013 (in Office 365) using POP3 settings. My old reader was set up using IMAP (because I access emails from multiple devices).

After mapping to Outlook I could see the same emails in the Inbox that I had seen before in the other reader. So far so good.

However, minutes later, the inbox in Outlook was completely empty! I then went back to the old reader -nothing in the inbox there either! I accessed my emails on my phone (which uses IMAP settings) and again, empty inbox!!

I checked my POP3 settings in Outlook and it is set to keep mails on the server for 14 days. So I can't blame Outlook.

I now have added an IMAP version of my account to Outlook (so now I have two versions of the same account) in the hope that it would somehow retrieve my missing files. Still nothing.

Does anyone know of a way to recover my missing emails? I worry that they have been irreversably deleted from the server. Which would make sense, but the fact that I momentarily saw them in my inbox confuses me.
It sure sounds like they were downloaded using POP3 and deleted from the server by the email account. Is this an account? Are the messages in the deleted folder? (online or in outlook) Is the setting to delete from the server when deleted from outlook enabled?

As an FYI, used to have a setting to archive email that was downloaded using pop3 - it might be a good idea to see if that setting still exists. :)
Hi Diane. Thanks for the reply. I'm puzzled why as to why the emails would be deleted from the server when the settings say not to for 14 days . I am using outlook 2013 rather than

Even when I load my emails on my phone (not through outlook) the emails are missing from the inbox so definitely seems to have been deleted.

They do not appear in the deleted folder, neither in outlook nor in the third-party online webmail reader I normalky use (which is configured as IMAP). They just seem to have vanished without a trace!

I will check the delete from server when deleted from outlook setting. I will look in to the archive email thing as well, although I am using outlook 2013 rather than .com. Any idea where I would find it?
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