Name of attachment in replies (HTML) - possible??

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When replying to an email with an attachment, it is removed which is fine. But it would be very useful to have the name of the removed attachment inserted in the reply.

I think it works with RFT mails, but my organisation use HTML as standard.

Any way of doing this?

Hi Diane,

I am experiencing a problem after pasting the code into the VBA editor. I havent modified the code and have followed the instructions - I believe....

Beginning of my code looks like this (image attached/inserted).

Any clue how to fix it?

outlook vba editor.jpg
When I run from the editor, I get the error " Invalid attribute in Sub or Function" when getting to "Private WithEvents oExpl As Explorer".
make sure option explicit and the private withevents line are at the top.
Thanks! It works now and even utilises my default formatting.

Fine tune question: I would like the code to insert say 2 lines above the attachment name so I can start typing right away. I (think I) can see where to insert it, but what do I insert?
In the line where you put the filename string together (the webserver crashed so I can't check the code right now), you need to add vbcrlf or vblinefeeds.

strAtt = vbcrlf & vbcrlf & whatever is there now & "<<" ....

if the cursor is not set at the top we can add code such as in this sample - E-Mail: Set the cursor - to position it.
1) That is great, the 2 vbcrlf works. 2 lines inserted above attachment name.

2) I followed the link, and came up with this piece of code that I inserted as the last bit:
Dim Ins As Outlook.Inspector
Dim Doc As Word.Document
Dim Range As Word.Range
Dim Pos As Long
Set Ins = Application.ActiveInspector
Set Doc = Ins.WordEditor
If Not Doc Is Nothing Then
Pos = Doc.Range.Start
Set Range = Doc.Range(Pos, Pos)
End If

Sofar it seems to work!
Since you always want to be at the top, it should also work to use

Set Range = Doc.Range(0, 0)

That would reduce the code by oh, one line. :)
I only just now discovered that the code (in my hands) does not insert the name of all attachments to the original mail. Any easy solution to this?

Apart from that, it works very nicely.
If i recall, you put the CR in this part:

For Each oAtt In oItem.Attachments
If oAtt.Size > 5200 Then
strAtt = strAtt & "<<" & oAtt.FileName & ">> "
End If

Next oAtt

The code above should pick up all attachments over 5 KB. (to avoid signature icons)

This code adds the two CR and the string of file names:

strAtt = vbCrLf & vbCrLf & strAtt
olSelection.InsertBefore strAtt

Here, I get:

<<image001.gif>> <<Exceptions 23JAN2013.xls>
(there was a 3rd file, 3KB that it did not add, but the signature icon was larger than 5KB).
Thanks again!

I had this line in my code: strAtt = vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "<<" & oAtt.FileName & ">> "

After modifying accordiing to the above, it now works perfectly
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