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I have recently switched from a PC to a Macbook Pro using OS X 10.9.5. I installed Office 365 and with it, Outlook for Mac, version 14.4.5

I have 3 mail accounts. One is an exchange account, one my long standing account with my ISP and one other POP account. All accounts have been installed and are working. HOWEVER: only my exchange account shows up in the navigation pane. Also in the navigation pane is a simple "Inbox" but my other two accounts are not there. When I click on the "Inbox" in the navigation pane, the mail from my other two accouants show up in the next pane to the right, with the two names of the accounts and fold-up arrows to expand the messages in the inbox. BUT why would those accounts, not show up in the left side, navigation pane? And, how can I make that happen. Can't figure it out so far.

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Is that the outlook update released in the fall?

In Outlook > Preferences > General, what is your setting?

This is with group similar folders enabled - if it's not enabled, the listing with inbox, drafts etc goes away. I thought there was an option to only show the group folders but don't see it in my build.

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