Outlook 2021 ScanPST errors (yet again ... sorry): repair button missing Outlook 2021


Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
I apologize ... this exact topic has been discussed here in the past ...
As it is a LONG standing problem, but the old threads have been closed.

I'm running Win10 Pro with up-to-date version of Office Pro 2021
Recently I had several Outlook crashes where the program just terminated without warning.
I figured ScanPST might save me.
I've never had this problem in the past, but this time when I ran it,
it would run 1-time and clean up a bunch of stuff, but on the second pass
ends at this screen. Stating repairs are needed and to click the repair button
but alas the button does not exist.

I still don't get a "repair" button after restarting windows,
BUT if I launch outlook it does run and after closing it I am able to
run a SINGLE pass of ScanPST successfully (then the no repair button issue comes back).

Suggestions APPRECIATED!

I'd be willing to buy a 3rd party repair program to fix this if I had confidence in it.
The several I've tried in the more distant past were failures ....


I know a common starting point is disabling add-ins:
I have had them all disabled for a long time except
norton AntiSpam ... it has never seemed to cause issues in the past,
but honestly seems of little value I could disable it.

THANKS for any help!
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