What's supposed to appear when just clicking into the search field?

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Either your last X number of searches or maybe your X most frequently searched?

If I click into the search field, what I see drop down in the current Outlook 365 is a list of three past searches, neither the most recent nor the most frequent.

And they never seem to change.

So I went back to a different system with the current Outlook 2016 (MSI) and was surprised to see the situation the same there except there are only two.

In both cases, what's seen in the "Recent Searches" part of the ribbon, in addition to having more items, is actually current. And new searches add to that list.

But what you see when merely clicking into the search field seems to be broken or doing something that I haven't guessed.

Deleting the related Registry item clears "Recent Searches" in the ribbon but has no affect on the three.
You should see the 6 most recent searches you did in that mailbox (assuming you have more than one account) . Some of my account have 3 listing - this one has 6. The petco search had to have been an all mailbox search - that mail goes to another mailbox.

This screenshot is from the insider build. I dont know that I've ever seen more than 6 or 7 items on the list. It's also "so yesterday" and doesn't have todays search (was for autocomplete).

So, I guess seeing 3 might be correct, if it's 3 per account (in both cases there was one account here).

But even in your case it sounds like you're not seeing the most recent searches, but at least you see it changing. Seeing the same things all the time must be some sort of issue, which I would normally attribute to an Insider build except that it also happens in the opposite of Insider: MSI.
I think it should be 6 - but most of my accounts only show 3... but yeah, its not showing my most recent searches in the search dropdown - the Recent search button is showing the recent searches for all mailboxes.

Some of the keys are stored in the registry - I have a list here: Clearing Outlook's Most Recently Used (MRU) Lists - the mail search is the list under recent searches, not the dropdown. Now you've made me curious as to where those values are stored. :) (possibly in the mailbox or data file.)
it looks like when I select something from the dropdown in the Search field above the message list (my first screenshot) these keys are written to the registry. They are part of the new search "experience" - and oddly, I finally 'found' some of the recent searches.
According to RegistryChangesView, nothing is written to in any Office area when I click into the box, which makes sense in my case since they're static. For the area you mentioned, connecting to Office.com instead of 365, most of mine look like this, and they don't change:
So, my 3 finally changed, but they update so infrequently (the latest 3 that have been showing for days aren't even among my last 10 searches) that I'd rather not have any list appear at all.
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