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Will I ever win:)

I have noticed that an email arrived a couple of days ago and as I did in Outlook 2000 I had a rule to move this to a certain folder when received. In OL2000 the folder then sub folder that contained the newly arrived email expanded and was shown under 'Inbox' in bold so I knew a new email had arrived from that person or specific forum in that specific folder for example.

In this case I failed to respond to an urgent message simply because I did not know I had received it:mad:

When emails are received in the inbox the individual emails are shown in bold but once the rules have been applied I have no way of knowing if any other emails have been moved unless I search through them all, that's a pain. I have multiple folders and sub folders.

If OL 2000 can do it I am sure OL2010 can as well, but how?

I tried a search here and found how to change the text size etc on received emails but nothing on the above problem.
all folders with unread mail should be bold unless the rule marks the message read or you read it but they may or may not expand when rules move messages. (Mine don't expand but I use exchange server -server side rules won't expand the folders, plus I only close Outlook when i reboot so the folder list is however I last had it.)

Try the Unread search folder - its an aggregate view of all unread messages in a data file - so you can look in one folder for all unread messages. You can group by folder if you want to 'see' what folder the message is stored in.

If you don't have a lot of unread messages and use multiple data files files, you can use instant search to show all unread messages in your profile. It works best if you have no more than around 200 or so unread. (i have thousands so its not a good option for me.)
Hi Diane

Thanks for that, it seems I have another problem which I am about to post, sorry.

This 2010 version is not so good for us senior, seniors!
I will leave the Inbox expanded and see if this makes any difference. The only rules I used are to move the email from ** to a specific folder, I have ticked no other options.
I had an idea but don't know if this is possible, I scanned the Rules options and cannot see an option that may work fo rme. I have a simple rule to move emails from ** to a specific folder, what I am wondering is if I can download all emails to my inbox then once read they are automatically moved to the folder I specified. The rules would not be applied until I had opened the email. Perhaps Quick Steps may be a way to achieve this?

This way I would not risk an email slipping past the inbox and disappearing into its destination folder before I had noticed its arrival.

Sort of, set one rule to action all sub rules.....:confused:

Just a thought.
Quick steps can do it but its not automatic - you need to initiate the move. You can use Run Rules Now to move them at any time or use a 3rd party tool: Auto-mate.

I recommend trying the Unread folder. It's a good solution for this problem.
I have gone through the rules options but can only see that the rules box at the bottom of the rules window states 'Apply this rule after the message arrives' which is what it does, but I want to hold the emails in my Inbox, read them and then use 'Run Rules Now' to move them to the right folders.

I thought there may be an option in 'Except' like move to folder on arrival except if the message is unread but no such luck.
You can add a date condition (specific date range) so you can move older mail but unread is not an option. The other option is to flag the items Complete as you are finished working with them - then use the flagged for action rule - looking for completed items. (I do this with Auto-Mate to move mail as I finish it because I read mail in the reading pane and rarely mark it read.)

You already have the rules... so it may make more sense for you to uncheck them and use Run Rules Now but you could use Quick Steps and assign keyboard shortcuts. You can assign shortcuts to 9 or 10 QS and move the messages as you finish them.

But, since I tend to be lazy, I'd try using the Unread mail folder first. Let the rules move the mail as they do now, set the start up folder to use the unread folder (File, Options, Advanced)) and get in the habit of checking it for new mail instead of your inbox or other folders. Oh, and if the unread folder is not in the Favorites list, add it to it. Give yourself a few days to 2 weeks to get used to it and then if you don't like it, you can try using Run Rules now.

As an FYI, if you want to move sent items using run rules now you'd also use 'after the message arrives' rules.
Thanks for the info, I will have a 'play' and see what route I prefer. After sorting out another problem and nothing to do with Outlook I found the BOLD on folders with new emails is back working again!:)
That's good. Any idea what kick started them?
Hi Diane! I have a similar problem in Outlook 2010, POP: Subfolders are bold but due to a lot of folders with subfolders I would like the main folder for the subfolder to be bold as well. Can this be done? /Johan_B
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