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Hi all,

I need to monitor an Outlook sub-folder on someone else's PC. I suspect they have been moving emails out of a folder into another when they shouldn't have. Can this be achieved in Outlook at all?

Maybe a ChangeEvent or something?
You could monitor specific folders in Outlook, however, if you are trying to find out who did it, the macro or addin needs to run in their computer - plus they could use a smartphone or owa and bypass the tracking.

Try adding the Modified by field to the view - see if it has the name of the last person to make changes. I'm not 100% sure it will work in this situation though.
Hello Diane,

Apologies I have just picked up this reply. Can you embellish please? Where is the 'modified by view'? The folder I wish to monitor is a shared folder, does this mean I could run a macro on my PC without them knowing?
No, AFAIK, it wouldn't help for you to use a macro - it wouldn't detect who moved the message running from your computer, it would need to run on their computer and add their account name.

The field is actually called Changed By, sorry. Slide the reading pane to the right so the view drops to 1 line (if not already using a 1 line view). Right click on the row of field names and choose Field chooser. Under All Mail Fields is a field called Changed By. Drag it to the row of field names. This screenshot is from a subfolder - in the inbox, the messages were "Changed by" the sender but after moving, they have my account name.


If you have suspicions, you could remove the ability of the suspect to create items, but depending on how you use the shared mailbox, it could prevent them from doing anything besides reading messages.
Hi Diane,

Many thanks for your help I shall see where it takes me.
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