TextBox on Custom Form Page :: Passing value from sender to the recipient

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Dear All,

I've designed a custom outlook form with multiple textbox controls on message page, structured into two columns. This form will be used as follow:

1. sender, prior to sending form item, instert num values into the all texbox controls belonging to the first column on the message form;

2. recipient, after receiving form item, input num values to the concurrent tetbox controls belonging to the second column and send form back.

The problem is that after inserting values by the sender and sending form item, recipient do not see any values in the controls.

ps. I have pubslished form definition to the recipient inbox folder, so that form layout displays correctly, only any values from the textboxes are missing.

If you have any idea of how to resolve issue, please help me.



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It sounds like the field that holds the custom values isn't present on the recipients end.
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