Local Outlook 2013 folder and message changes not synced with EAS to Outlook.com

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Outlook.com (as MS Exchange)
I use a very standard setup of Outlook 2013 (15.0.4631.1000) accessing Outlook.com (mail server blu406-m.hotmail.com) using Exchange ActiveSync.

Reading and sending mail works perfectly (Inbox and Sent Items), synchronisation is virtually instantaneous (verifying on the Outlook.com web access). However, moving mail between folders or creating new folders on Outlook 2013 is NOT synchronised with Outlook.com.

I tried re-creating my local mail account and re-synching from the server. I do not have a huge mailbox (under 600 MB) and this worked quickly and without any issues, all server folders and all mail items were created correctly.

The problem is in working with the Outlook 2013 folders and messages afterwards. Messages dragged from one folder to another, or newly created folders in Outlook 2013 are simply not synchronised to Outlook.com.

I am not sure if this is new, or maybe I just have not noticed it. I do not use the Outlook.com web access regularly.

Any suggestions?
Just an update to clarify/summarise:

  1. ALL changes to ALL folders (new folders, deleting folders, moving messages) directly on Outlook.com are immediately synchronised "downwards" to Outlook 2013 without any problems.
  2. In Outlook 2013, moving a message to/from the Inbox or Sent Items folder to/from another folder gets synchronised immediately. It seems therefore that all changes to Inbox and Sent Items are handled correctly (new messages arriving, messages sent out, as well as messages moved to/from these folders).
  3. The only problem is therefore changes to folders other than Inbox and Sent Items in Outlook 2013 - creating new folders, deleting current folders, and moving messages between folders.
Are you using only alpha numeric characters in the folder names? I know & and ( ) don't work, - and _ are ok. I helped a client move mail in a pst into outlook.com set up as imap. It kept stalling out on subfolders then we figured out it was the folder names and everything worked great - it mail uploaded using imap and downloaded to the EAS account within minutes.
The folder names are alpha numeric only.
Anybody else experiencing this (very annoying) issue? I am at the point where I am ready to ditch Outlook 2013 and work directly on Outlook.com. I cannot work with unreliable synching, it can get incredibly confusing, and of course you can lose messages.
How deeply nested are your subfolders?
I have subfolders that are nested to 4 levels, but I have seen this issue occurring on a top level folder. I have deleted some mails from this top level folder in Outlook 2013, and the server mails are not deleted.
They aren't deleted after a send and receive? It really sounds like something is stuck. Are there any sync error messages in the sync issues folder (in the Folder list module, Ctrl+6 keyboard shortcut will open the module)
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