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I thought I was proficient with Outlook, but boy has this issue got me stumped. I'm an author, and sell signed copies of my books through a website. I set up a sub-folder in Outlook called "Books" and set specific rules so that my sales notification emails would go to that folder. The rules are not extensive, and yet I'm getting rebellious emails coming in to that folder that do not match the rules in any shape for form.

I set a rule that only emails with a specific subject line (they're all from PayPal) go there, but emails come in that don't contain a single word in common as my rule.

How are they sneaking in? Any ideas?
Do you have other rules? It's possible they are corrupt or you have a rule misconfigured.
I can't believe after weeks of dealing with this and getting stumped, I finally post on this forum and then I go figure it out. The subject line in emails stemming from the comment form on my website say "TIS: Comment/Message Form." (TIS is for The Invisible Storm) But one of the Outlook rules is if "TIS" is in the subject line, it goes to Books. Apparently, that means even if it's part of another word. In this case, the word "Autism" was in a subject line of a stray email, and there you have it.

Thanks anyway! :)
Correct, rules look at partial words. I thought it needed to be at the beginning, like tissue, rather than in the middle, like artist. But I could be wrong, I usually am. :)
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