The incoming task is not valid ((when users are accepting a Task)

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
We are using Outlook 2010 and when a user is assigned a Task and they receive the email to "Accept" or "Decline", whichever one they chose and click OK, Outlook does not send the response back but it goes into the person's Outbox.

When you open that email, it shows that the email is "Read Only" and "The incoming task is not valid".

Now if I take the user out of Cache mode, then it works OR if I unchecked the "Worshare Com Add-In", it also works. However, the Firm wants everyone in Cache Mode and we also need the Add-in. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? We are on an Exchange server running Exchange 2010.

Any help would be appreciated as we really need to use the Tasks feature.

Thank you.
We are using v7.5 and I know 8.0 is out. I contacted Workshare and they stated they have not heard of this issue with any version of Workshare.
I checked their support site and didn't see anything - but noticed for one problem they said to upgrade. (I don't recall the problem, it wasn't this.) Because the problem goes away when the addin is disabled, it's likely caused by it.

Is that the only addin you use?
I wonder... if workshare sees the TNEF data as an attachment and bugs out on the winmail.dat file. Do you get the error when you send a message with RTF formatting?

Subtle changes to cached mode may be in play too, or even something like an update to antivirus could cause problems.
Hi Diane,

Sorry to respond so late - have been pulled onto other projects. Anyway, this is not the only add-in we use. We have several. I have unloaded all and then re-loaded all - one at a time - to see which one would cause the "accepting task" email to just go into the Outbox and it was only the "Workshare Outlook COM Add-in". If this is not loaded, then accepting Tasks works. Unfortunately, we need the Workshare one loaded because that is the "Protect" - so it comes into play when we are sending out attachments.

I have Workshare v8 installed and just tested it - had a user to send me a Task and I accepted it and the email went out (have not tweaked any of the settings yet). The bad part to this is now we have to upgrade Workshare for everyone in the first (400+) OR we may just do it for the users right now that are having the issue. I have to fully test and tweak the settings to what we use and then go from there. Will keep you posted if this does work for everyone once all settings have been tweaked (note: I originally checked the settings in v7.5 when this first started happening and did not see anything that could be causing it).
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