How to sort incoming email that is sent to a different address to my main one?

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Say my main address is and most incoming mail is for that address.

But I also have, which I would like to have have automatically sorted into another folder rather than come into my main inbox.

I also have another domain connected to my Exchange account - I would also like this sorted into another folder.

The problem is that I cannot make rules for these addresses, as the rule editor sees them all as my real name, so making a rule for any of those addresses ends up making all incoming mail sorting it into the subfolder.

This must be a common problem, but I have never found a solution for many years. Is there any way around this?


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Re: How to sort incoming email that is sent to a different address to my main

Use a rule that looks for words in the header, where the word is your email address. This will work for all mail except mail sent BCC, which may include mail from list server or bulk mailers.
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