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I need a way to sort through several GB of old e-mails by sending domain name. I'm sure there must be a script or small app that can do this, but I haven't found one.

I'm using Exchange 2007 & Outlook 2007. Making rules isn't practical in this situation, because I'm looking at 5+ GB of e-mail, from hundredes of senders.

If there were a way to make a rule that automatically put messages from a particular domain into subfolders, created when the search finds a new domain, that would work well for what I have to do, or sorting in Outlook by domain name by using a custom sort field.

I'm sure someone has develped a script for this, unfortunately I haven't been able to find one.


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I'm not aware of any script - there are programs like NEO and ClearContext and can sort by address into folders (and more). IMO, its really not the best way to organize mail though. You end up with messages from threads scattered all over the place.

If the messages are already downloaded and it's basically something you need for a few domains, you could use search folders to group mail by domain then move ot a folder if you really want them sorted into different folders.

There is a cfg at Add custom field to outlook that will expose the sender's address and you can group by it - it's not by domain though, only full address. (A custom field that shows just the domain won't be groupable or sortable.)

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After reading the link (which larry apparently didn't. You really should have repeated it here too) -

Basically, this is a forensic issue. A high level executive left without warning and I'm trying to make sense of his e-mails. Being able to sort by the sender's domain, ideally by using a new column, would help greatly.

If there were a way to make a rule that automatically put messages from a particular domain into subfolders, created when the search finds a new domain, that would work too

There is no way to make a script that moves mail automatically following a search, you would need to do it yourself. I doubt the cfg (as cool as it is) will help - although once the mail is sorted by domain, it might be useful. If this is something important (ie, you suspect hanky-panky, rather wondering if everything was kosher), there are ediscovery tools available.

NEO or clearcontext might work for you - they each have a trial available. (I think they are full featured trials.)
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