Sorting of existing contact in Outlook 2003 just will not sort

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Recently something happened to the sorting of my contacts in Outlook2003 and now they are First name Last name, when before I had them sorted Last name, First Name. However, a select few of my contacts didn't lose their formatting and are showing up in the format I desire being Last name, First name. I've tried everything such as going to Tools>Email Accounts>View or change existing directories or address books>Address Book>Change>Show names by "File as (Smith, John)>Finish. This is the option I have checked. I've closed Outlook and restarted but yet it will not sort as I told it.

When I click on a contact that is sorted First name Last name...the file as says "Last name, First name" but yet it doesn't file that way. I also tried Tools>Options>Contact Options and Default "Full name" order is set to Last Name and Default "File as" order is set to Last, First.

I do not understand what I am doing wrong and I can't find anywhere on the internet where someone has had the same problem I am dealing with. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Did you manage to sort this. I have exactly the same problem and it is driving me mad!
Is this in the Address book (you see it when you press the To button) or in the Contacts folder itself?

From the description above, it sounds like the contacts have the name fields backwards - this is not unusual when contacts are imported and it can also happen when syncing from a smartphone to outlook.

There are two places to check settings - in your case (with Outlook 2010) File, Account Settings, Address book. Double click on Outlook address book to choose First last or FileAs format.

File, Options, Contacts lets you set the default Full name order and the default FileAs order. These settings apply only to new contacts. If the name is entered as Last, First (with the comma) Outlook ignores the default order and assumes the order is Last First.

If any contacts have the name in the wrong order, you need to change existing contacts yourself. There is a macro to (change the file as format) If the full name order is not right (click the Full name button on an open contact to check it), you need to change that yourself, I don't have a macro (although the fileas macro could probably be changed easily enough).

Screenshots of the two dialogs are in Address and Contact options - the second and third sections would apply.
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