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A friend showed me how he drags files from his desktop and drops them into folders he has created in Outlook. I've never heard of that before. It seems odd to me dragging files into folders that generally hold emails. Is there any possible downside to doing this? Some of these folders are going to be moved soon (when we re-organize his mail) into a different data file, one that is synced via IMAP. So I was also wondering if this odd file management technique could create a problem there possibly. Thanks
Only drawback is that it makes the data file larger... but its a great way to keep files with your email. I use it for a label.docx file I use to create labels for Christmas cards - it's easier than redoing a mail merge yearly since few of the addresses change.

I'm not sure if it will work with imap accounts - I'd probably keep them in a local data file rather than on the imap server.
OK thanks. I've just created a new profile for my friend, and now he says that the drag and drop from Desktop into Outlook folders is very slow. Any ideas why a new profile, nothing else different, would do this? He is using IMAP and the email is hosted by GoDaddy. Thanks
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